L: 40 cm W: 130 cm H: 85 cm

    • CARV

The design of the CARV bookcase stems from an apparent dichotomy of contrasting elements that meld to give rise to immense visual balance and seductive sophistication. The pristine planes of the slender steel slabs making up the frame are tempered by the generous curves of the uprights, creating a look that is both minimalist yet warm and reassuring. Seemingly arranged in a random pattern, the uprights energise the whole composition while offering visual harmony once the modules are placed side by side or on top of each other. Furthermore, the uprights have been thoughtfully inclined to create gaps and spaces. Like small stage curtains, they can showcase or partially hide books or objects on the shelves. The modular design of CARV allows you to create horizontal or vertical compositions and can even be placed in the midst of a setting to section off separate areas.

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