L: 110 cm W: 250 cm H: 75 cm


The challenge posed by the Seashell table was to use a new material for the base: cement.
People often associate cement with “heaviness and solidity” both visually and physically, but we have re-imagined it to make it lighter and sturdy at the same time. We went for a soft sleek shape that takes its cues from the organic forms of nature, especially that of a shell with all its curves, ridges and furrows, whose structural solidity is belied by the incredibly fragility of the material it is made from.
Thus, cement takes on a new aesthetic and functional meaning; the central base is an ideal solution and changes appearance according to the position you are looking from. Halfway between inspired creativity and functionality, this lightweight and sturdy table speaks to the soul. An ordinary everyday object has been transformed into a simple yet spectacular sculpture.

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KALUSTEKATU 2 20320, , Finland
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